Friday, June 17, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

I have decided that thrift stores are great for finding decorations for my house. I got these awesome cafe pictures from a thrift store down the street for $5! The sticker at the top said "3 for $6", but she offered to take a dollar off.
We were trying to find some nice toys for my son that were gently used, we didn't have much luck. There was a standing piano music maker type thing for sale, with no batteries in it. You can't let them handle you! We asked if it worked and at first the man said he didn't know. So, we asked how much for it. He said "$10" and continued to say how it works great! First of all, I'm not paying ten dollars for a used toy at a thrift store unless its shiny new. I had to walk out because he blatantly lied to us.
When thrift shopping you have to stand your ground. Try to haggle a price that you think is fair for the item, if they don't accept, you don't have to buy it. There is a street near my house that has a strip of thrift stores on both sides of the street, needless to say, some stores are better than others. You can find some that price things reasonably and others that are outrageous.

I have had some good luck at a thrift store near my mom's house in Garland though.

I was looking for a good piece of furniture to refinish to put my plants on and found this one! It has a glass top and the wicker is in great condition. The tag was marked $12.96, but when I took it to check out I found that it was 50% off all furniture day, so it was $6.48! Woo hoo! I'll have a step by step with pictures how my project went soon.


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