Couponing 101

I’m writing this series to explain the basics of couponing. The first time I started “couponing”, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I tried it without researching first and got nowhere. I thought that couponing consisted of buying a newspaper, going to the grocery store with my list of needed items, using the coupons I had, and buying everything on my list. I learned quickly that this wasn’t saving me any money at all. So I gave up.

Months later I read about all of these women saving thousands of dollars on their groceries in a year and spending barely anything each shopping trip. I decided to take a better look at couponing and find out how these ladies were doing it. I’m going use this series to share what I found out to help all of you coupon newbies learn everything you need to know to start saving!

.::Step One: Coupons
.::Step Two: Organizing