Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheap Books and Movies Idea!

If you enjoy reading then you must know that books can get expensive. Even books for your children can rack up some money. My son is about to be a year old so we were shopping around for some books for him and discovered small touchy feely books can range from $5-10! Crazyness.I love to shop at Half Priced Books, so I looked them up online and found out that you can actually order books off of their website!

This touchy feely book is only $.99 online! The book Eat Pray Love, priced $12 at Target, is $.99 online at HPB. You can find great books for really cheap in-store, but they are usually literally half priced. If you don't feel like digging through books at the store, this is definitely the way to go, plus the books are so much cheaper. You still have to pay for shipping but honestly, its worth it to me to stock up on a bunch of books for super cheap.

With Netflix and OnDemand not a lot of people buy DVD's anymore, but Half Priced Books is a cheap way to go if you do buy them. I found Inception, new on DVD for only $6.30! Movies are usually close to $30 at Best Buy.

Go to Half Priced Books, and check it out!


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